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Notebook Universal Power Adapter 120W Hantol AV

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120W Notebook Power Adapter "Automatic Voltage" -10 Tips 

AC adapter Universal Automatic Voltage for Notebook & Netbook 

Universal AC adapter compatible with all famous Brand and over 10.000 laptop model 

The Hantol Universal Laptop Charger 120W with Automatic voltage regulation offers a versatile replacement, or secondary power supply for your Notebook - Netbook – Lcd Monitor, it can be used with almost every laptop or LCD screen, thanks to the 10 different power connectors. 

Reliable, safe and easy to use, this unit will not let you power off. 

Whether it’s a replacement or additional power supply you require, let Hantol make your mobile life easier. 

Key features: 

- Automatic voltage switching safely provides the correct power output without manual settings. 

- Power output voltage 15-20 Volt DC (auto select). 

- Equipped with 10 different notebook tips to assure compatibility with major notebook brands. 

- Protection against high voltage, from overheating, from short circuit current, and current decreases. 

- Compatible With all main Notebook brand.

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