3D Pen

Gembird 3D Printing Pen for ABS/PLA White

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Технички спецификации 

Free form 3D printing pen for ABS/PLA filament, white 

Free form 3D printing pen 

Super low cost 

Works on 5V/2A power supply 

Can be used with powerbank 

Practical on/off button 


Case material: plastic 

Model build size: free form 

Nozzle ceramic 0.6mm diameter 

3 printing speeds 

Printing material: 1.75mm ABS/PLA filament 

Extruder temperature: 210 °C 

Power consumption: 5 VDC up to 2A 

Net weight: 56 g 

Dimensions: 185 x 29 x 43mm 

Color: white

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